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FHO Present in the area of Ubogwu, Awo-Omamma since 2013 has been formally established in 2019 to promote Human Rights and Social Services to the communities in Imo State with its core programs as Sustainable Development and particularly Indigenous knowledge, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Reduced Inequalities, Partnerships/G, Gender Equality, Sustainable Agriculture and farming, clean Water Sanitation, affordable and clean Energy.

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Join the Family Hood Organization’s mission to spread good vibes and make a real global difference, no matter where you’re at!

International Opportunities For Workers
International Opportunities For Workers

Family Hood organization has one of its objectives to provide a safe and hassle-free job opportunities in Italy and other EU countries for individuals in Africa. Our international opportunities for workers is open to based and high skilled persons.

Social-work Inclusion (creation/Consolidation of multilevel governance)
Social-work Inclusion (creation/Consolidation of multilevel governance)

professional training activity in pre-departure, aimed to allowing non-EU workers immediate entry into Italy, and simultaneous entry into the world of work in entire European countries 

Pre-departure Professional Civic and Language Training

The goal of this project implemented by PITAGORA culture e formazione & PITAGORA college in partnership with Family Hood University is to adapt the occupational skills of foreign citizens in Italy before arrival. This is to foster their socio-economic integration, which will bring a positive migration impact for host countries and the migrants themselves.

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PITAGORA Cultura e Formazione & PITAGORA College Italy
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